“Immaculate” Ray St. Jean is the FIRST PERSON to announce his entry into this year’s Chinlock Rumble!

Saturday, December 1st is sneaking up very quickly, and this afternoon Chinlock Wrestling offices inked the very first competitor for this year’s Chinlock Rumble, The “Immaculate” Ray St. Jean.

The former Ray Steele is obviously a bit, ummm…shall we say challenged by the fact that Jessie Mack not only won last year’s Chinlock Championship Rumble to become the first ever Chinlock Wrestling Champion but, in a more disgusting tone, seemingly more disgusted by the fact that she’s not a man.

While we don’t condone the language or tone of Ray St. Jean’s entry clip, if he is able to win the match, he will move on and wrestle Jessie Mack for the Chinlock Wrestling Championship in the main event of the evening!

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