SECOND MATCH ANNOUNCEMENT: ‘The Incredible Hunk’ Deeno vs. Kingston’s Own KL Shock!

Saturday, December 1st, at the Queens University Athletic Recreation Centre in Kingston, Ontario (284 Earl Street), Chinlock Wrestling returns for it’s 4th annual Youth Diversion fundraiser event. And it will be there that two returning superstars clash, both with a chip on their shoulder and something to prove.

At last year’s event, KL Shock found himself the unwilling participate in the drama that surrounded Chinlock Wrestling superstar CJ Felony, and Chinlock Wrestling CEO Jan Murphy. Shock, a Kingston native, was attacked at the gym and left lying in a shocking, brutal blindsiding. Then, when it looked like he had Felony defeated, clean, in the middle of the ring, ‘Charming’ Chaz Lovely made his presence felt, and ultimately cost KL Shock the match.

Deeno Benjamin is returning for his fourth Chinlock Wrestling event. Each year he has a stronger, and stronger showing, last year going toe-to-toe with one of the largest superstars on the roster, ‘Catalyst’ Nic Williams, and then following that with an impressive showing in the Chinlock Championship Rumble. But, as the vibe from other superstars has shown, this year is different. A stronger, faster, more aggressive Deeno Benjamin is prepared to show up, and challenge the hometown favourite KL Shock. And lets not forget just how dangerous Deeno Benjamin was to begin with.

We would be remiss not to mention the possibility that ‘Charming’ Chaz Lovely might get involved again. Two years ago, Chaz Lovely cost KL Shock his match against Ray Steele.  Last year he cost him his match against CJ Felony.  How will Chaz Lovely factor into this match?  Phone calls to Chaz Lovely were not immediately returned prior to the writing of this article.

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